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Welcome to the Tripoli North Texas Rocketry Association

Tripoli North Texas (TNT) is the Tripoli prefecture supporting the DFW area. TNT is dedicated to the advancement of high power rocketry, motor research and development, and STEM support at all academic levels. We follow the safety code of the Tripoli Rocketry Association, an international organization. (We are Prefecture #58.)

Our mission statement:  To offer our members the absolute best launch experience that we can deliver .... Period

If you need more information please email the club prefect at

Next Rocket Launch – Seymour!

The next TNT launch will be held in January of 2025 at the Rocket Ranch in Seymour, Texas.  (Launch site info)

Registration is required for all attendees.  


We have 1 high-power field in North Texas with FAA waivers.


Seymour: About two hours northwest of Dallas, our field near Seymour, Texas has a 32,000’ waiver for commercial motors, and 29,000’ for research. This field can support motors up to the TRA limit (with prior approval). 

Launch fees vary by membership type and location. See the launch calendar for more info.


Club volunteer highlights:

  • certify aerospace and other engineering students to safely fly high power rockets
  • provide qualified volunteers for mentoring and support of high-power rocketry in STEM programs at the university level

  • volunteer at the Spaceport America Cup held at Spaceport New Mexico

  • work with high schools to incorporate rocketry into their STEM programs

  • provide assistance to the public at large to support the hobby of high-power rocketry


 Tripoli North Texas Launches

In addition to the launches we host at our North Texas sites, TNT members routinely attend other launches:

  • Tripoli Houston launches held at Hearne Municipal Airport or at the Double T Ranch (Paige, TX)
  • Austin Area Rocketry Group launches held at Hutto
  • Kloudbusters launches (Airfest, Distant Thunder) at Argonia, Kansas
  • Tripoli Gerlach BALLS launch at Black Rock Desert, Nevada

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